Ojai Evening

Ray and I arrived at the orange grove about thirty minutes ago. He and the dogs are already snuggled up in bed; I am sitting at the table in the kitchen area writing this blog. We are here tonight and part of tomorrow. I just need to return in late afternoon for students. 

It is so wonderful that we can get settled in so fast. The bed is already made and the Airstream becomes very hospitable with the flip of a few switches to turn on gas and electricity. The only other real task is to put the cushions that we store inside back outside on chairs and a chaise lounge. I also took the dogs for a quick walk just so we don’t have any accident from Frankie in the middle of the night. Cordelia is completely trustworthy but Frankie can get a little nervous and wet the bed if we don’t go on that evening walk. A lesson learned the hard way, believe me. 

Now I am sitting in complete silence save for the ticking of a battery operated clock. I am certain that silence is one of the primary reasons  I feel so rested in such a short time once I am here. The constant audio overload of living in the city, plus listening to news on the radio and on the television (which, admittedly, is not on all that much) combine to wearing me right out. I love music and do well when I make a habit of listening to it, but sometimes the silence seems the very best restorative tonic. 

I am heading off to bed now. I hope you are in a relaxed and quiet place this evening, getting your own needed rest. We Americans tend to not sleep enough. I am off to do my part to alter that statistic!

Will check back in tomorrow. 

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