Made It!

We have officially arrived in Sherman, Texas after two solid days of driving from LA.  The weather was cold and the skies were clear for the entire trip. I am sitting now in the front parlor of our Victorian with the space heater keeping the room warm.  It feels good to be here after several months away.  With a busy fall season of students, I haven’t been here since mid-September. Before that, I was here for almost two weeks in July and a week in May.  We normally try to be here for at least a week every couple of months, but with two grandbabies, a trip to Chicago in October, the holidays and all those students, well, like I said, it’s been a while.

I am happy to be back.  North Central Texas is home, pure and simple.  The minute I get out of the flatness of West Texas and the rolling hills begin to appear along with actual trees, then I know I’m not far.  By the time we get here, it’s almost always night and dark and quiet. This evening was no exception. I am always surprised at just how few cars drive down our street at night. What a contrast from my home in LA, where cars are constantly whizzing by until 10 or 11 pm getting from Sunset Blvd down to Santa Monica Blvd and parts beyond. What a nice change.

The dogs are with us.  Frankie is curled up on the couch and Cordie is on the floor.  They like this house.  Lots of room for running around.  As Ray just said, “There’s a lot of house here.”  Yes indeed.

I will say good-night for now. We have a busy schedule starting tomorrow since we are here to stage the house across the street to sell. That is the Dutch Colonial we fully restored and we love it.  I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures of it soon.  We haven’t really seen the inside for two years since we’ve had it leased that long.  It was wonderful to walk inside tonight and see the fruit of all the hard work that went into that restoration.  Exceptional is the word that comes to mind.  Of course, we restored Lyon House too and it is equally beautiful, just in a high Victorian sort of way.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.

Happy to be home.

Lyon House, a sight for sore eyes!






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