Headed to Texas

We are currently in Grants, New Mexico en route to Sherman, Texas.  We left this morning at 6  from Ojai and arrived here around 8:45 pm.  We will get up early and drive on into Sherman tomorrow after about 12 hours of driving.

We saw snow today in Arizona and New Mexico, the aftermath of the big storms last week. The weather was in the mid-60’s today and clear.  A great travel day.

Our primary job once in Sherman is to get the house we restored across the street from Lyon House ready to put on the market.  We’ll be taking care of any repairs since our renters just left and we will also be staging it.  In addition, we’ll be seeing friends and checking on our spaces at the Touch of Class Antique Mall.  Lots to do in the short time we’ll be there!

This is a quick post since I need to get to bed.  We’ll be up bright and early so we don’t have to drive too late tomorrow evening.

Sleep well, my friends.  We’ll talk tomorrow.



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