I am on the plane to Salt Lake City, which was delayed two hours. We have been in the air for about an hour and we are experiencing a bit of turbulence. Nothing terrible but enough for the flight attendant to say that we all need to be in our seats with our seat belts fastened. I am sitting in a window seat and I can see the almost full moon through a haze of clouds. It is dark save the moonlight and almost all the lights are dimmed or off in the cabin. The plane is shaking a bit now but again nothing too dramatic. The pilot just came on and described it as “gusty winds down below.”  The flight attendants are now coming by to pick up our cups and napkins so we must not be too far from Salt Lake. It is only an hour and twenty minute flight so I suppose we are fairly close. 

I am looking forward to a few days off this week. Ray and I brought paperwork to do and I will have at least one student for a few hours over the phone, but mostly this is a pleasure trip centered around hangout time. I don’t get lots of those types of trips. We tend to combine our traveling with work for the most part and though we have fun times during those trips, they are not designed for pure hanging out. This time comes as a welcome respite. Particularly after a very full fall and a busy holiday season that also had a no-fun stomach virus attached. Here’s to just relaxing and chatting and doing nothing. That sounds wonderful. 

The plane is clearly in a slow descent so we must be nearing our destination. We have the pleasure of seeing the new home my nephew Jim and his wife purchased over the summer. That will be a treat. Plus time with Jim’s family and my niece Kevin’s as well. Also daughter Liz and her boyfriend, Ron, will arrive on Friday. They are coming for snowboarding. We will see what Ray and I are up for as far as skiing goes. 

The plane has settled back down. The only sounds are the jet engines as they churn away. No lights down below yet though it seems we are going through a cloud. I presume we will see Salt Lake City soon. 

I hope you are having a good week, my friends. Take time to slow down and rest if you can. That is my plan and I think most of us could use a bit of a break. Do what you can to make that happen, even for five or ten minutes a day. 

Ah. There are the city lights. 

I will bide you good night with the plan to check back in tomorrow. 

Until then…

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