Heading to Where it is Cold

Here I sit in the den with Cordie nearby and Frankie already upstairs with Ray.  The house is quiet at 9:32 on a Monday evening.  I have had five hours of students today plus a run to the airport and back to pick up old friends from Wales who will be visiting LA and their son for the next three months. I am happy to see them again.  A homecoming for sure.

We are heading to Salt Lake City tomorrow afternoon for a visit with our family there. My sister Leslie’s kids and their families live there and we’ll be staying with my nephew, his wife and their two kids.  Liz and Ron will be arriving later in the week to celebrate Liz’s birthday on Saturday by going skiing up in the mountains above Salt Lake.  I can’t imagine we’ll be going too but I suppose it’s possible.  If that’s the case, then I’ll be cross-country not downhill skiing, but I can’t imagine we’ll make that trek up into those cold mountains. We will see.

“Bring snow boots,” my niece wrote. My response, “I live in Southern CA, I don’t own snow boots.”  I will be packing long johns and heavy socks and wearing a pair of hiking boots. I hope they still fit.  I haven’t worn them literally in years.

I was envisioning snuggling up under a blanket in front of a fireplace all week.  No need for snow boots or heavy parkas.  Alas, I may be out in the snow more than I think.

I do need to remember to take gloves.  Gloves and a hat and a scarf.  Oh dear.  I may need to make a list of snow-weather clothing and accessories.

I am looking forward to this visit.  I love these people.  They are easy and fun and have good senses of humor.  We will laugh a lot and I will be glad we’re there, whether we are inside or out.

But now, I really do have to head to bed.  I am up early tomorrow to pack before my students arrive at 9.

I will check in tomorrow from Salt Lake City.



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  1. We’re waiting for blowing snow here today. Hope I don’t have to go out though I have all the necessary clothing. 😀 Have fun. Hope the snow’s not deep or blowing. 🙂

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