Must-See: Manchester by the Sea

Don’t ask anybody anything about this movie; don’t read anything about it.  Just go see it. Don’t watch a trailer.  Zero.  Again, just go see it.

Best to see it with no knowledge whatsoever.  Let it unfold before you.  Expect to feel.  Not always the way you would prefer, but it will be worth it.

Unbridled and enthusiastic five thumbs up.

manchester by the sea.png

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  1. Huh. I prefer to read my books the same way. Listen to the hoop-lay but don’t read too much into the review. Read for yourself. Thanks for the heads up, Len.
    BTW, a recent post suggested comma idea were wrong and had to be rethought. Grammerly, agrees with the comma before and after as in:
    Listen, Cathy, I need to wait for the magistrate. How did commas become so confusing? o_O

  2. Hi Tess, Glad to give you the heads-up. Well worth seeing. Too many spoilers in the trailer and the reviews.

    As far as the comma usage issue, it is absolutely true in direct address that you do exactly as you say. Commas before and after a name. However, the rule I was quoting was for indirect address such as: My brother John was going to the store. (Commas only if he is the one and only brother. If there are other brothers, no commas. In my sentence, John is clearly only one of several brothers.) Very confusing, I agree.

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