In Ojai for the Rain

Ray and I rushed this morning, finishing up all of our LA work, so we could drive up to the orange grove and enjoy an afternoon and night of rain as we nestle in the Airstream. This was definitely an excellent plan. I took a two hour nap in mid-afternoon to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof. This was a nap I needed after staying up to 1:30 am submitting my students’ entries to the Scholastic Artists and Writers contest. (A labor of love, I will admit.)  I made a lovely chicken and rice soup for dinner, which was the perfect compliment to the cool wet weather.  Now at 7:30, Ray is snuggled up under the covers and I am in the “dining room” writing this blog. 

The rain is heavier now and the drumming on the roof of the Airstream is one of those universal comfort sounds, lulling and steady. I may have to head to bed soon too. Rain refreshes not just the needy trees, lakes and water table, but also the spirit, the soul. Those of you experiencing this very long California drought know exactly of what I speak. 

Good night, my friends. May you dream of something as lovely as this rain. 

           My chicken and rice soup

One Comment Add yours

  1. Nothing like the pitter patter of rain except a hot bowl of chicken soup.
    What? No recipe? o_O 😀

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