A Visit from Sandra Leatherwood in My Dreams Last Night

Last night I had a tiny snippet of a dream in which my dear departed sister-in-law Sandra Adams Leatherwood appeared. She was young – maybe 35 or so – and we were in the back garden of a house where she lived, but it wasn’t any house that I recognized.  She and I had been talking and laughing and I was thinking to myself how rosy her complexion was when she jumped up, grabbed two or three basil leaves from a nearby plant, and sprinted across the yard to the back door. “I need to put these in my soup,” she called and disappeared into her kitchen door.

The scene shifted and I was off onto another dream at that point; however, that image of Sandra with healthy pink cheeks and so much energy that she effortlessly dashed across the lawn to her backdoor was a welcome sight.  There was the person that I had known almost all of my life – the elementary school Camp Fire girl, the middle school dancer, the high school swimmer, the nurse, the mother of three daughters, the wife and helpmate to my brother George.  Gone was any vestige of cancer and in its place was a happy, peaceful vibrancy that radiated from every cell in her body.

She was beautiful and shimmering with life.

I expect I got just a tiny glimpse of Sandra in heaven.

May light perpetual continue to shine upon your soul, sweet Sandra. Come see me again anytime!




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  1. I wonder how it is we have these vivid dreams about loved ones who have been gone some time. Vivid and real. Real and in the present. Yeah. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Yes, so vivid and real. It was as if she had never left and time had stopped about thirty years back.

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