A Child’s View of My Adult Life

What would the child I once was think about the adult I have become?

I think she would be happy with much of my life. She would love the orange grove, my children, their partners, Luna and Nico, plus she would think Ray is funny. She would be pleased that I write and that I am also a writing teacher. This would make her smile. She would wonder why in the heck I don’t ride my bicycle more or swim or take more time to hang out with my friends or by myself doing nothing. She would love that I create worlds in my head – novel writing – and she would be extremely pleased that I enjoy doing this. She would wonder why I don’t go almost every day to spend time at the ocean because she knows that I am restored when I do that. She would also be happy that I have expanded my knowledge in literature, music, art and antiques. She would be glad that I enjoy cooking and have developed some tasty recipes. She would be pleased that I have kept the Episcopal church in my life since that little girl spent a lot of time as a child in that church and felt a real sense of community there. She would also be glad that I have a Texas home so that I can stay in touch with my roots. She’d be happy that I have 2 dogs and a cat since we always had dogs and cats at the same time. She would be especially pleased that I stay in touch with many of my childhood friends. She would wonder when I am going to travel more outside of the country, and she would be glad that I have done as much traveling as I have. She would be exceedingly pleased that I now live in California, especially since that is coupled with going “home” as often as I can. And she would be proud of the fact that my husband is also my best friend.  She would wonder when I’m going to get a horse and start riding routinely, and she would think it was odd that I haven’t already written and published many novels by now.  She would wonder why it’s taking me so long to take my writing seriously and also carve out the time I need to achieve my goals.  She would be glad, however, that my life is not one-sided, but rather multi-faceted.  That might please her the very most.



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  1. I think she “wonders up” a great gratitude list.

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