Master of Ceremonies Training at St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood

Today I began my training as Master of Ceremonies (MC) at St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican/Episcopal Church in Hollywood. The MC is in charge of how everything goes during the mass and ensures that all acolytes and sacred ministers are doing what they are supposed to be doing all through the service.

I arrived at 9:15 for the 10:30 mass and Reece Thompson, head acolyte, was busy the entire time walking me through all the needed preparations for the service. The MC also is one of the acolytes during the mass as well so there was even more to learn once we officially started.

Luckily, Reece is very organized and helpful. He presented me with a full-page list of things that needed to be in order before we started then went over each one with me. During the mass, he pointed, pushed and poked when necessary (quite often), and then patted me afterwards and gave me a reassuring, “Well done.”

You have to have already been trained for torch, crucifer, thurifer and Lay Eucharistic Minister before you are allowed to train for MC In my case, I have already been trained for Sub-Deacon as well. The reason for this is so you’ll know exactly what everyone is supposed to be doing in those positions. The MC is also supposed to remind the deacon and priest of where they are supposed to be in what can be quite a choreographed event over that hour and a half. Clearly, I have no idea what that entails. Perhaps that is why this is a three-week training.

Thank you Reece, fellow acolytes, Deacon Johnson and Canon Davies for your help getting me where I need to go today. I am excited to get to work in this position since this is just one more way that I get to express my faith at my beloved St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood.



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  1. Reece THOMSON says:

    Thanks Len, you are a very willing student….BTW, I never pushed you, maybe a little touch on the shoulder…LOL

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