Back in LA After a Stop in Sierra Madre

We are back in LA tonight. The house is warm, but now the windows are all open and the fans on. Plus, we have turned on the air conditioner in the bedroom. Already the night air is cooling down the house, which has been closed up for the past 15 days.

I drove both days of the trip, which is our usual arrangement. I like driving and Ray likes handling the music, the podcasts and the snacks. We actually had an easy trip, leaving at 12:30 pm yesterday, stopping in Grants, NM last night at 10:30 pm, leaving again this morning around 7:30 and arriving in Sierra Madre to see Gregorio and the grandkids around 6 pm. (Sarah was still at work until 9 pm.) We visited for an hour or so then arrived here around 8:30 pm. We had the advantage of gaining 2 hours along the way so that made it seem shorter. Plus we listened for hours last night to the Democratic convention and then news commentary all day today about the convention, Trump’s response, etc. That is the kind of radio that is good for keeping me awake.

The other motivation for my driving at a fast clip on that open road was the chance to see my two little grandkids (and their daddy, of course). I was right at the end of my tolerance level of being away from those two little sweetie pies. I was surprise how they both seemed to have grown just in those two weeks. Getting hugs and snuggles from them definitely made that long trip feel worth it.

I am now sitting in my den with my feet up. I am grateful to have made it safely back from another cross-country road trip. Tomorrow I will see Liz, Ron, Rachael and Ron’s friend, Kevin. We are going to Irvine Meadows in the evening to see Duran-Duran and Chic. This is Ray’s belated birthday present and the real draw for him is Chic. It will be fun to be with the kids and  to go to the concert. I’m just sorry that Ariel, Sarah, Gregorio and the grandkids won’t be there. Alas, it’s tough to coordinate that many schedules!

Here are pictures of my beautiful grandkids taken this afternoon. You will see that Grandma is happy to be back with this two little tykes.

I hope you’re having a pleasant Friday evening.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.

Luna and a Road-Weary Grandma




Nico and Toy


My honey-bunch and me


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  1. Shelley jSchachar says:

    Love reading your stories.

    1. Thanks, Shelley. I appreciate you letting me know. Hugs to you.

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