Going to Say Good-Bye to a Childhood Friend

I went to the viewing of my childhood friend, Marsh White, today at Waldo funeral home here in Sherman. I wanted to pay my respects since I can’t attend the funeral tomorrow in our hometown of Bonham, Texas.

I haven’t seen Marsh in person since we graduated from high school together back in 1971. However, he has had a big presence on the Internet over the past several years and I have gotten a window into Marsh’s life through his frequent religious postings. You see, Marsh studied at Dallas Theological Seminary and was quite a man of God. In fact, a woman who was at the viewing said she had met Marsh at the University of Arkansas many years before when she had listened to him deliver a talk on Daniel. She said she contacted Marsh 25 years later and told him how much that talk had meant to her and how it had bolstered her belief in the Christian faith. Quite a testimony.

Marsh was a stellar football player in high school and college and went on to play with the pros. The photos of him are ones that flanked his coffin today. He died of pancreatic cancer.

I know the world with miss this gentle giant, but Marsh is now free from the painful confines of a physical body.

Rest in peace, my friend, and may light perpetual shine upon your soul.

IMG_4646 IMG_4648

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  1. Sorry for your loss, Len

  2. mayadeb02 says:

    “It seems the good die young.”

  3. Derrell Hall says:


    I went yesterday as well and felt such a sadness. I have great memories of Marsh since we were fairly close neighbors there in Mulberry. He was an enormously talented athlete and such a sweet and gentle soul. I remember Marsh and me riding home with Coach McElhannon after football practice in the old “blue goose” the school owned. More than once, Marsh and I pushed that old car out of a muddy ditch on the way to the White house. Marsh overcame so much in his lifetime. He was an achiever and a sharer and a lover of God and mankind. We are all a little better because we knew him and somehow a little less because he is gone.

    1. Well said, my friend.

  4. jhenehan says:

    It’s very hard to lose these precious friends, many of whom were far away in distance but always close to our hearts. Deep condolences to all of you who loved him.

    1. Thanks, Joan. Marsh was loved by many.

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