Lots of Steps While Filling Our Sale “Wagon”

I walked 1842 steps today according to my UP by Jawbone, which is a variant of the FitBit. This little wrist device was my Mother’s Day present and also tracks my sleep and lots of other things I haven’t quite figured out yet.  I only received it last Sunday since we had a delay on our Mother’s Day celebration. But so far, I can say that I love having a way to track my fitness progress.

The 1842 steps was related, of course, to getting ready for our garage sale.  We unloaded all the furniture we brought from CA plus lots of boxes.  At the same time, our neighbors across the street and our friends from not-too-far-off also unloaded all their goodies.  No sooner did we start getting things all set up than people started stopping. We had a good little run of business without even touching our best stuff.  That was heartening.  Then another family arrived – these invited by our neighbors – and they were still setting up even after it got dark.  Two more families are bringing their garage sale items tomorrow morning so we should have a full sale.  As the old saying goes, “You can’t sell out of an empty wagon.” Alas, this wagon will be full to overflowing so that should bode well for all of us.

I am going to close now because tomorrow will come soon.  We will be up and out by 6 since people will start stopping by as early as 7 even though we said in our ad, “No early callers.”  That is the way of garage sales.  The early bird does truly get the worm in this case.

If you live in North Central Texas, then come on over and see us. We will be open from 8 (or 7) to 5.  There will be plenty of goodies to choose from ranging from Victorian furniture all the way to kids’ clothes.

May your weekend be full of fun or relaxation or whatever you need it to be.

I’ll be checking back in with you all tomorrow.



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  1. That IS a lot of steps. What’s the thing with 10,000 steps? How long does it take to collect that many? Surely not in a day?

    Busy-busy. ❤ ❤ ZZZzzzz

  2. Yes, that was all in a day! All that garage sale preparation adds up.

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