My Day Today

Today, I:

Went over and saw our friend Darrah Dunn’s new house (built in 1907) that he and his wife, Shann Schubert, just bought. Went room by room and talked about restoration/renovation.  We also walked around the yard and talked about various landscaping ideas as well.

Ate Texas BBQ (chicken).

Went to Touch of Class antique mall, saw fellow antique dealers there and made the rounds to see what new antiques and collectibles had arrived since our last visit.

Visited with our neighbor across the street, Amy and Scott Ellis. Talked about our upcoming neighborhood garage sale on Saturday.

Came home and unloaded our van of the antiques, collectibles and garage sale items that we’ll be selling here.

Cleaned and marked small items going to the antique mall to sell.

Visited with our friend Shann Schubert about the house she and her husband just bought and our thoughts on restoration/renovation.

Wrote this blog piece while Ray visited with our neighbors, Amy and Scott Ellis, in the front parlor.  Sorry, Amy and Scott, I needed to get this written and then head to bed.  I haven’t quite recovered from our cross-country drive.

Tomorrow: unload the trailer for the garage/estate sale.  Unload boxes and get ready for our sale that starts bright and early on Saturday morning.





5 Comments Add yours

  1. Whew! After all that lifting and bending, either you’re sore or are in fantastic shape. 🙂
    Good luck and have fun at the sale.

  2. That’s a lot for one day. Take care of yourself – I love reading your daily posts and I’m ready for my 20 minutes a day!

  3. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Thinking of you, Len! I love how you and Ray, whenever you have a pretty big job to do, like this sale, you always weave friends into your visit and activities. Lovely!

    1. Yes, Mary Jo. This becomes a neighborhood fest. Lots of fun.

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