Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Luna

Today is my beloved granddaughter Luna’s 3rd birthday. We are officially celebrating on Sunday, but I wanted to reflect for a moment on the presence of this child in my life.

Since Luna is my first grandchild, I certainly didn’t know what to expect. I thought, of course, that I would love her and have the chance to enjoy her as she grew. I certainly didn’t know that her presence would bring such complete joy to my life or that I would experience such a bright spot in what I thought was already a happy life. Having access to a little person again was also something that surprised me. I didn’t realize until she arrived that I had been missing hugging and kissing and loving little people. Alas, I had and now I have the chance to enjoy the benefits of little warm arms hugging my neck with a passion. That produces an indescribable sense of joy.

So, happy birthday to my little jewel of a granddaughter. I am graced by your presence and grateful to have the opportunity to see you on a regular basis. How lucky I am to have you in my life. I hope to live long just so I can enjoy watching you grow up.

I love you very much, you and your new little brother too. But I will talk about him on another day. Today is YOUR day.


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