Visit in Salt Lake City

We are in Salt Lake City visiting my sister Leslie’s son Jim, his wife, Karri, and their kids, Eli and Sophie.  We also hope to see Leslie’s daughter Kevin and her husband Scott while we are here for this short visit.  We went for a hike today, then to the U of Utah Utes baseball game, then back home to just hang out. These are some of my favorite people in the world so hanging out is all we really need to do.

It is strange to be in SLC and not see Jim’s dad, E. Ray.  He died this past year and his presence is sorely missed.  Also, I am still getting used to my sister not being here though it has been a few years since her death.  I associate Salt Lake City with Leslie and her husband, E. Ray.  I came here several times as a teenager to visit them and also ended up at the University of Utah for my undergraduate degree because they were here.

Alas, it is a treat to be with my beloved nephew and to look forward to seeing my niece.  They are wonderful people who reflect the best of their mom and dad.  What a lovely legacy that is.

Here is our day in pictures though I forgot to take photos of our morning hike.

The Wasatch MountainsIMG_3224

University of Utah Baseball Game.  They won!


Karri and a Reluctantly Photographed Eli


Dinner Tonight with Ray, Eli, Sophie, Karri and Jim


I’ll be checking back in with you all tomorrow.

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