Today & A Little Visitor Tonight

We were up early this morning to go cook breakfast for the homeless at the Breakfast Club at St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood. We also made 12 quiches to donate to the Easter brunch tomorrow for all of our parishioners. It’s amazing how 12 quiches seems like nothing when already cooking for 150 people. The quiches were ready and in the oven in no time.

Tonight, we have the pleasure of having granddaughter Luna for a sleepover. She’ll be attending the Easter egg hunt at church tomorrow followed by the mass. She is currently getting settled by watching Peppa Pig while snuggled up in our bed. The dogs and Grandpa are already asleep. I am happy to follow suit very soon. (Oh, I believe Luna has just joined Grandpa and the dogs in night-night time.)

Tomorrow, I look forward to spending time at church in the morning and with my family in the afternoon. The food is prepared so all should be fairly easy. That is the goal, after all.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate and happy Sunday to all the rest.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.


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  1. jhenehan says:

    I love Peppa Pig!

  2. (whisper) Night, night. Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks, Tess! It was a great day.

      1. Glad to hear it. ❤

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