Stained Glass Class Tonight

I have been to art class tonight at the Barnsdall Art Center with daughter Liz. This is a stained glass class, but there is also the option for mosaics. I have been working on a tree that I drew freehand, traced onto a sheet of copper foil, cut out, then glued onto a piece of stained glass. From there, I leaded the copper foil, then put a chemical on the leading to turn it black with highlights showing. I am happy with it. I’m not sure the name of this process since I am such a newbie to stained class, but I found it fun to do. I also had a satisfying result.

Liz created a mosaic, which she has been working on the past two class sessions. It was cool to watch that process, as well.  I can’t really detail the exact steps since I haven’t done a mosaic yet, but it seemed fun to do.

Our fellow classmates have been doing all sorts of fun projects. We all just sit quietly for most of the class, busily engaged in our work, with the occasional question coming up for the teacher. Periodically, people circle around the room, admiring other people’s projects. What a great atmosphere.

I would highly recommend Barnsdall Art Center for art classes. The teachers are low key but very competent and the other students are relaxed, non-competitive and generally interesting. Not a bad way to spend three hours on a Tuesday evening.

Here are our photos from tonight:

Liz and her mosaicLiz

My Tree


4 Comments Add yours

  1. jhenehan says:

    I love this idea!

  2. Sarah Hensley says:

    Both of our kids attended Saturday morning art classes at Barnsdale for years.
    Tim and his pal Dean were eventuallygiven the opportunity and materials to make whatever short films and\or draw whatever comics they chose. Today Tim is a graphic novelist who has just completed his third publication. These classes are great.

    1. Great testimony for Barnsdall.

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