In Ojai for Recuperation and Tomorrow’s Work 

We have driven up to Ojai for the night. Ray is still hacking away and sneezing, but we got word today that one of our Texas renters unexpectedly vacated one of our apartments – forfeiting her deposit, of course – so we will be making an unscheduled trek to Texas beginning late Thursday afternoon to handle affairs apartment-related.  We figured Ray could feel bad in the van just as easily as at home so we put the dogs in the back seat, tossed in a few clothes for tomorrow and headed up to Ojai so we could load antiques and collectibles we have designated to sell in Texas.  Besides it is so peaceful at the orange grove we decided it might even be curative for Ray. So far so good though around 6 pm this evening he said, “Can I call it a day?” 

He is already settled in bed under the covers. I am in the living room of the Airstream, a good 15 feet away.  We are listening to KPCC, the classical music public radio station and the evening is cool and otherwise quiet. I forget every time I am not here just how restful here is. 
So here’s hoping Ray feels better tomorrow since we have some loading to do for the trip. But tomorrow is 12 hours from now. A good night sleep may do the trick. We will see. 

I hope your Monday is going well. 

Below I have included some photos of the orange grove just to give you a sense of the peace here. 

I will check back with you tomorrow. It is Marti Gras tomorrow, after all. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday!

Here’s to the last two days before the penitential phase of the Christiam calendar. I suppose I need to put some thought into what exactly I am going to give up and/or add for those 40 days of Lent. Hmmm. That may well be another blog post. 

Here are the photos.  

  Our Camp Kitchen. Still a Work in Progress. We will have insulated walls, wall coverings and cabinets before it is over.    
                        Another Angle 

            Another View of Sunset  
Lots of oranges ripening on the trees

                             Ray in bed  

Talk tomorrow. 

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  1. The pictures do make OJAI a restful place. Hope it works wonders for Ray. Sleep tight. ❤

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