Nurse Jackie: Learning As I Watch

Ray has returned from Texas and this evening we will be celebrating by binge watching more of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie starring Edie Falco. For those of you who are also late to the game in terms of watching this Emmy award-winning series (2009 – 2015), I can say that it takes a hard look at addiction and its ramifications while also showing the human side of a woman who is doing her best to cope with life. There is humor, pathos and some plain silly storytelling that lightens what could be too heavy a load when dealing honestly with the “cunning nature” of addiction.

I highly recommend this series. Beautifully acted, honestly depicted. You will learn just how tough it can be to stay straight once trapped in addiction. No romanticization here. Truth, pure and simple.

And I do not know how it ends so please do not tell me!

Nurse Jackie

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  1. I don’t watch much TV the past few years, but this sounds enticing. 😀 ❤

    1. Definitely an eye-opener about the cunning nature of drug addiction. Edie Falco is excellent.

      1. Make make time for a little television. *sigh*

  2. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Sounds good, Len! I’ve added her to my Netflix queue. Always glad for a recommendation. Out here in the country I don’t have the internet strength to stream. Thank goodness for Netflix!

  3. Yes, thank God for Netflix!

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