Beginner’s Mind at Barnsdall Art Center

Tonight began my foray into the art of stained glass making. Ray, Liz and I are taking a stained glass course at Barnsdall Art Center. Since Ray is in Texas, Liz’s boyfriend Ron joined us this evening for the class. He will go next week, too, because Ray and I have a prior commitment. But after that, we’ll be forging ahead with a more complicated design we either find or draw ourselves. We will have seven more sessions after next week. So, plenty of time to gain a modicum of knowledge on this new subject. I believe my mother’s advice last night included for me to push myself to learn new things. That is exactly what I am doing with this class.

Here is the fruit of our labor. Don’t judge too harshly. This was, after all, Day One.

My First Effort


Ron’s work


Liz’s Work


Backside of mine


Backside of Ron’s


Backside of Liz’s


Lots of fun.  Looking forward to learning more.


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