The Simple Pleasure of An Overnight Visit

We are having the pleasure of an overnight visit from our daughter Elizabeth Beaty, who had LASIK surgery today at an outpatient facility near our home. She has a follow-up visit tomorrow morning, which makes it quite convenient to spend the night here rather than in Glendale where she lives.

Our cat William is especially happy to see Liz and has not left her side since her arrival.

Happy are the days when our kids make the trek to the Westside to see us. Liz and Sarah live near each other in Glendale and Highland Park on the east side of LA, and Rachael is down south in Orange County in the city of Fullerton. We most often rendezvous at Sarah and Gregorio’s house since that’s where Luna is (and where Nico now resides). Also, Sarah’s home is closer for Rachael and Liz than our house so it’s easier for all.

Still, there’s nothing like having our kids back in the home where they grew up. Just feels comfy and familiar.

Hope all is well for you, my friends. Wishing you a simple pleasure or two in your life, as well.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.


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