Best Birthday Wishes to My First Cousin, Lee

Happy birthday to my old friend and first cousin, Lee Leatherwood, who preceded me into this life by six days. We have known each other all of our lives, having lived only a block away from each other for our first five years, then only a few blocks away until we were eighteen. Then, we both headed off to the University of Texas, where we lived only a few blocks away from each other until I moved to Utah after our freshmen year. We have been in touch over the years, but for the past fifteen, we have communicated via the Internet almost daily. Needless to say, we have a lifelong connection.

I hope this upcoming year is one of your best, Cousin. I look forward to seeing you in April when I’ll be visiting Austin for the Story Circle Network Conference. Get the spare room ready.

Love to you and your sweet family. I hold you close in my heart, now and always.

Here’s to another year of our shared life together.

Let’s agree to keep doing this until we are well over one hundred. Healthy and happy, of course, and full of vim and vigor.

Lee and Len

11082650_10206336659282456_5560189648001875993_n (1)

Lee and Elaine on their visit to LA this past summer.


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