Prompt: Most Prized Possession

This question is not a tough one for me. The possession I prize the most is my wedding ring. I received this ring on my 30th wedding anniversary from Ray, my husband. Before that, I had a plain gold band for a long time and then a thinner band that I bought for myself with a few small diamonds in it. My first wedding ring was just too wide for my finger; the second was pretty, but not a gift from my husband.

The ring I wear now has special meaning for two reasons. First, Ray picked the antique setting a long time ago and put it away for the time when he could find a diamond for it. Second, the diamond which is now in place comes from a ring from my closest childhood friend, Patricia Butler, who left me her jewelry when she died too young of malignant melanoma.

I have a two-for-one package with this ring: gifts from two of my favorite people in the world.

The other reason this ring is my most prized possession is that it is symbolic of my marriage to Ray, which has been one of the best decisions of my life, but not always one of the easiest.  We have had a few rocky spots over the years, but I think our mutual desire to stay married is one of the reasons we are now almost to year 37. We both wanted a long, good marriage to be part of our life story.  As of this date, I’d say we have worked out most of the major kinks.

The truth is that I married my best friend, which I think is good advice for anyone. Marry someone you genuinely like as well as love and both your friendship and your love will deepen over time. Even if you walk into marriage as hard-headed as we both did, which is the reason we had some tough years. Now, we both just shrug and give each other some space. There was a time when we followed each other from room to room, making (or trying to make) some “important” point. Nothing seems quite that important now.

So, yes, my most prized possession is a ring that I wear on my left hand to show that I have managed to hold on to my good wits and a good man for more years than I can believe. We are now married longer than my own parents (32), which feels strange to me. I guess I must be getting older…

As for my ring, I am pleased to own such a lovely piece of jewelry. However, it is the meaning behind the ring, not the ring itself, that makes it so important. The meaning is about perseverance and love. What can be better than that?photo (20)

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  1. True, I agree the meaning is more important than the ring, but it is a gorgeous ring. Lovely setting and I love the antique look.

    1. Yes, I love the ring, too. The antique setting reflects Ray to a T. He is a big antique lover.

      1. Yes, I heard that someone. Oops. Must have been on your blog. 😀

  2. Pat St. John says:

    What better indeed? 🙂 Beautiful ring & a beautiful story!

    1. Thanks, Pat! I appreciate your feedback.

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