Post Wedding + Link to Pictures

It is 2:24 in the morning. I have been talking to my sweet niece, Katie, and her boyfriend, Noel, about all manner of things in life. Before they returned home this evening, I had another wonderful conversation with our friend, Jared. Katie, Noel, and Jared are staying through Tuesday. My brother Sam, his partner, Jaime, and his daughter, Kaylee, will be here until then, too. Everyone else left today. Leslie and Haley off to Cambodia and Vietnam; Jim, Karri, Eli, Sophie, Kevin and E Ray all back to Salt Lake City. My husband, Ray, and my daughter, Rachael, plus dogs Cordelia and Sammie, headed to Texas. Lots of movement; lots of love.

The wedding was more than I ever expected. More planning, more work, more beautiful, and more fun. All went well despite a few SNAFU’s. We all pulled together and decorated the hall in exactly 30 minutes after a big Thanksgiving AA meeting sharing the same venue ended at 2 when the wedding started at 3 pm. Our relatives and close friends mobilized then, and also helped throughout the evening to help create a beautiful event. Thank you all. It truly took a village!

Food was excellent; company even better; dancing was the best.

Here is a link to pictures if you’re interested. The password is Hollywood.

I am happy, relieved, and grateful.

And now it’s time for bed.

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  1. Soon, you might find a minute to put your feet up. 🙂
    Lovely pictures. Thanks for allowing a peek.

    1. Everyone is leaving tomorrow. Yes, time to put feet up coming soon!

      1. Glad to hear you finally CAN, put ’em up. 🙂

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