Sarah’s Wedding Day

Today is my daughter Sarah’s wedding day. So much preparation culminating in what we all hope will be a happy and memorable event at St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood. We are having a wedding Mass, which means that there will be Holy Communion in addition to the wedding vows. To top it all off, we are having a Baptism for granddaughter Luna one hour before the wedding so that her Mexican grandparents and uncles and aunt can be present.

Our family has gathered. I am surrounded with many of my favorite people who are also geared to help in any way they can. Hallelujah!

My goal is not to burst into tears from happiness (and relief after all this preparation) while walking Sarah down the aisle alongside her father. Yes, I am escorting our daughter, too, based on the idea of joining our families rather that “giving Sarah away.” Gregorio will walk down the aisle, too, with his parents on either side.

Ray just came into our bedroom and told me that everyone is downstairs in the kitchen and that I am “missing all the fun.”

Off I go.

Wish me (and us all) luck today!
wedding-day- picture

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  1. Why the HECK am I bawling? The image of both families joining together the way you describe. That’s what. This squeezed at my hear.

    Wishing the young couple many, many years of health and happiness.

    1. Thank you so much, Tess. It was a lovely wedding!

      1. Of course it was. Sigh.

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