Our Cooking Day In Pictures

Today we made all sorts of food for the wedding reception and Thanksgiving. Sarah lead the charge on making homemade lasagna for the reception; I coordinated making Thanksgiving fare. We cooked in the St. Thomas kitchen since it has a convection oven and a big industrial stove.

Here is our bride, Sarah, making a giant pot of tomato sauce and ground turkey for the filling:


Here are helpers Liz, Ron, Rachael, Luna, Ray on cheese grating duty:



Here I am with the turkey filling for the lasagna:



Here is our friend from Texas, Jared, with Sarah.



Three beautiful daughters and one gorgeous granddaughter:



Rachael, Luna, Grandpa and Father Ian Elliot Davies from St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood:



We started at 1 and ended at around 8.  The food preparation went well, just a little slower than we all expected.  Still, there will be some excellent meals in the upcoming days.

Happy day.  Heading to bed feeling satisfied.

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  1. With all the love put into this food, I’m sure you’ll enjoy w wonderful Thanksgiving. 😉

    1. Thanks, Tess. We are full of love over here.

      1. Have a lovely Thanksgiving after all that work.

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