Comfort Food in Fridge

I am in eye-rubbing mode at this time of night. Ready to hit the sack. I had one student today, then what? Jerod and I talked while I chopped apples for homemade cranberry sauce. I think. Or was that last night? Uh oh, I actually can’t remember. Bad sign. Major fear at this point – not enough appetizers for Sarah’s wedding. It’s funny how a wedding trumps pretty much everything else, even Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow, we head to the church kitchen in the afternoon to cook for both Thanksgiving and the wedding. Also, we will talk to our priest, Ian, about any last-minute details related to the wedding Mass.

Today, besides making the cranberry sauce, I also made potato salad, chicken and green chili casserole, lentil soup, and I roasted a pumpkin to use in pies. We have to have a little food to feed our family and friends as they begin to arrive on Wednesday. Besides, Jared is already here, plus Liz. I suppose they need a little food, too.

So, now I am done for the day. I just want to go take a bath and go to bed. Ray bathed our Scottie, Sammie, today and brushed our Corgie, Cordelia, for a good 20 minutes. Needless to say, they look and smell better!

Happy and safe Thanksgiving traveling to all!

Good night.

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  1. Mm. Smells good. What time is Thanksgiving dinner? 😉
    Nice that you spell out all the dishes. Makes for interesting reading. Hope the weather I’ve been reading about doesn’t intrude on you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving, Len to one and all.

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