Alpaca Shearing Day

Daughter Liz and her husband Ron have three alpacas up at our orange grove in Ojai. Their names are Leroy, Buttercup, and Finn. This is the second year that they have had an official shearing day, where the professional shearer and his helper arrive and not only shear their fur, but also trim their nails, file their teeth, and give them shots to prevent lice, fleas, and ticks. In other words, this was beauty parlor day at the orange grove and the three boys went from shaggy to shorn in fairly short order. Last year’s fur went to two family friends who requested it. This year, I don’t know if Liz and Ron plan to process it themselves, sell it, or again give it away. More on that front when I know more.

These sweet little fellows look as if they stepped right out of a book of mythical creatures. They are good-natured in general and not demanding at all. They don’t mind sniffing your hand or taking a treat but are not too fond of being petted. However, they will come right up and greet you any time you’re walking by and they love banana peels. Haha. Who knew?

Ron has mentioned that so far they have not earned their keep. That might be one of the reasons processing their fur might make sense. But, surely, the cuteness factor is worth at least a few bales of hay. Being adorable is something they have in common with their new best buddy, baby Ethan. He likes to look at them and they appear to like to look at him as well.

These little guys are also hopeless when it comes to looking tidy. On any given day, each of them will walk around with straw scattered willy-nilly over his head. That comes from enthusiastic eating, I suppose.

Leroy getting shorn

Buttercup getting his makeover

Rachael, Liz, Ron, and Ethan watching the shearing

Finn and Buttercup with their new looks

Leroy, post-shearing

Leroy being his goofy self.

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