Happy Birthday to Lyla, Our Youngest Granddaughter

Lyla Gabriella Pacheco Beaty turned four today and I am very happy to celebrate her life in a few photos tonight. She is a darling little girl with a big smile, lots of energy, and a sharp mind. She is also one of those kids who likes to dance around a room, stay close to her big brother and sister, and also say things like, “Oh, Grandma, I’m so happy to see you and Grandpa.” Enough said?

Happy Birthday, my sweet Lyla. Grandma loves you sooooo much and I can’t wait to see you when your return from your birthday trip to Mexico. It looks as if you’re having a wonderful birthday celebration there and I know your Abuelita and Abuelo were very happy to celebrate with you yesterday.

Here are a few photos of Lyla, who rarely is in a picture all by herself. Since it’s her birthday, these are only of her, except for the last one.

Two days ago, heading to Mexico

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  1. Kelly Wise says:

    It’s amazing how fast they grow!! I have to laugh when I see you in her, especially in the shot with her in the superhero shirt and then again when she is showing her tough stuff in the third to last photo. You’re a lucky grandma, Len!

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