Baby Ethan Update

Today I had the pleasure of little Ethan Arthur Betty and his mama, Liz Beaty, coming to visit Grandma. Ethan, who turned 3 months old on March 14, is displaying all sorts of big boy behavior. He can now coo and carry on, look you straight in the eye, smile, and even occasionally burst out with a spontaneous giggle. He also seems madly in love with his mama, who, in turn, appears to be madly in love with him. (That sentiment is true for his Daddy too – and vice versa – but today was an Ethan and Liz-only visit.) Needless to say, Grandma is a little smitten as well.

Liz snapped a few photos of me and Ethan. Let’s just say I have a new dance partner when I want to put on music and twirl around the room. My little buddy is all in when it comes to cutting the rug.

Yes, I am a little fond of this little guy.

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  1. ervib2 says:

    What a total sweetie. He is just gorgeous. I have a 7 month little grand girl, and it is impossible to describe the love. Enjoy him whenever you are lucky enough to have him. I have to fly to New York….

  2. ervib2 says:

    What a beautiful little person. He is gorgeous. I have a 7 month grand girl and can;t believe how lucky I am. Unfortunately I have to go to NY to visit. Enjoy him whenever you are lucky enough to be with him.

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