Sarah’s and My Process on the 30-Day Blue Zone Challenge

I just finished a Zoom call with my daughter Sarah. She and I have committed to doing the 30-Day Blue Zone Challenge, which is based on the book of the same name by Dan Buettner, who studied the zones in the world where people live the longest. This is a basic, no-nonsense way of eating that is primarily plant-based with lots of fruits and vegetables. The book focuses also on community and purpose and feeling connected to family and friends. We are in our third week and Sarah and I have both lost 3 pounds. The goal is not weight loss per se but rather learning to live a more fully supported life that also is based on eating healthy foods that are locally grown. It’s more flexible than most eating plans since the goal, after all, is to recreate some of the benefits the Blue Zone folks have obtained through a lifetime of good habits.

One of the greatest benefits for me of the Blue Zone Challenge is having a weekly Zoom call just with Sarah. Usually, when we see each other, we are surrounded by other family members and don’t get the luxury of uninterrupted conversation. Having a designated day and time to talk with my oldest daughter has been lovely. This also fits into the basic tenets of the Blue Zone lifestyle, which places a strong focus on family connection. So, Sarah and I are benefitting greatly from this concept.

The best news about the eating plan is that the food is so fresh and tasty. Also, the emphasis on fresh fruits is a plus for me because I love fruit of all kinds and there is a strong recommendation to eat fruit freely. The same with vegetables. So, lots of eating in a natural and healthy way.

Getting plenty of sleep is another of the Blue Zone tips. I have been actively working on this and have been feeling better as a result. On the days that I haven’t been getting quite enough sleep, I have been taking a 30-minute nap. I must say this has added some real quality to my life. Who knew a short nap could make you feel so much better?

On that note, I’ll say good night. I arose very early this morning – 4:45 am – and it’s now 10:25 pm. I am feeling the heaviness of my eyelids as I write this.

Wishing you every happiness, my friends. I’ll check back in with you tomorrow.

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  1. Judy Alter says:

    Len, this post resonates with me on two counts: much as I adore all my children, I relish one on one time with each individually, like you are having with Sarah even by phone; second, I am a big believer in naps and take a much longer one than you every day. For one thing it’s supposed to ward off heart problems.

  2. Yes, that Zoom call with Sarah is making me exceedingly happy. She and I haven’t had a private conversation literally in years. Also, I’m glad you’re a nap lover. I can see how an hour’s nap might be in my future!

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