Gearing Up for Another Major Weather Event

We are up in Ojai, trying to get work done at our orange grove in between the rain storms that have been deluging California over the past several weeks. Despite two days of perfect blue-skied weather, we have yet another major weather system headed our way, which is described as a “warm atmospheric river event.”

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “river” in the title of weather coming my way, I get a shiver up my spine. The fact that this may bring “warm” rain is also troubling. This means that this warm precipitation will hit the snow in the upper elevations and cause it to start melting, triggering massive flooding. So, just when it looked as if we might be settling into the normal dry weather that characterizes this part of CA, we are instead gearing up for another major “atmospheric” event. Dear Lord in heaven.

We are going to do our best to avoid any flooding and/or mudslides that could make travel hazardous.

Easy does it, fellow Californians. A “river” of warm water is apparently headed our way.

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  1. food4u2eat says:

    I have thought of you with all the frightening weather

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