In an Effort Not to be Shamed

I am writing tonight not because I want to but instead because I have a writing buddy and she will check in tomorrow and see if I wrote. I want my answer to be yes so here I am putting words on the page despite the fact that I’ve been sitting here for at least an hour trying to think of something to write about. So, the bottom line is that shame is at play here. I do not want to feel shame over not writing tonight.

I am up in Ojai and it is cold. Probably the mid-30s. I’m standing right in front of an electric heater which is keeping me warm but also making me sleepy. It’s 10:36 and I am ready for bed. I’ve already had my bath. All that’s left is to brush my teeth. My eyelids are heavy.

Ray and I were awake early and out working by 8:30. I chiseled away excess hardened spray form in a new little building we’re working on. This is so the sheets of insulation will slide in easier and be a good fit. I am proud to say that I can wield a mean chisel and can get that bubbly, hardened spray foam trimmed down so it’s level to the board. This is a victory for me, at least for today.

Tomorrow, I’ll need to add more spray foam to places in that little building that need sealing. I will do my best to go easy on the spray nozzle and not form those big bubbles that have been the source of my work today. One would think it would be easy not to overfill, but the truth is, it’s pretty darned hard not to overfill. At least at my current level of expertise.

I realize this is a less-than-scintillating entry for tonight but I’m just proud that I have finished. Some nights the words fly onto the page; not so much tonight. Still, while it is a modest effort, it is at least an effort.

On that note, I can call it a wrap. I am eager to head to bed.

Talk tomorrow and, hopefully, my blog piece will be a bit more exciting. We will see.

As for now, sleep well.

Good night.

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  1. I always told my subordinates that the only people who never made a mistake were those who never did anything.

  2. Judy Alter says:

    OH, Len, I know those nights when the words won’t come. I think of them as my “and then …and then … and then” nights. But I doi love those when the words fly onto the page.

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