Congratulations to Sara, A Silver Key Winner in the Scholastic Artists and Writers Contest

I am very pleased to share that my student Sara has won a Silver Key in the Scholastic Artists and Writers contest 2023, presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the oldest and most prestigious contest for youth in grades 7 – 12 in the United States. Sara’s piece, “Life Lessons Through Cooking” won a silver medal in the Personal Essay and Memoir category and she is among over 260,000 students who submitted art and writing to this contest from Canada, U.S. territories, and all fifty states.

The goal of the Scholastic awards is to encourage young people to express themselves creatively through their art and writing. Over the years, many famous artists and writers have received validation of their talent from these awards, including  Andy Warhol, Tschabalala Self, Joyce Carol Oates, Kay WalkingStick, Charles White, and Stephen King.

Congratulations to you, Sara. You have written a fine essay and I’m delighted you are receiving the recognition you deserve from the Scholastic Artists and Writers contest. I wish you well in your college career and know you’ll be writing many more excellent essays in the future. I expect you’ll also be cooking many more delectable treats to share with those you love.

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  1. Don Dodson says:

    Congratulations to the mentor too.


  2. Congratulations to Sara and to Len as well. This is quite an accomplishment.

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