Happy January Birthday Celebration

We had our three January birthday celebration today at Sarah and Gregorio’s house and it was a grand ole time. I had the special treat of being whisked off to the mani-pedi place (along with all the girls) for a special pedi treat. Plus, we had Thai food, two birthday cakes, and homemade ice cream before Nico, Liz, and I opened our presents. Besides my daughters, their partners, and the grandkids, we also had Cindy, Ron’s mom, and Martha, Andrew’s mom, there too. It was a lovely afternoon and evening filled with love, good food, and laughter. Who could ask for anything more?

Here are a few photos of the day:

Me with my four grandkids and one granddog

Andrew and Martha

Cindy and Lyla

Sarah, Luna, and Rachael

Nico and Liz

Nico, Liz, and Gregorio

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