New Year’s Eve

Ray and I are snugly settled in our Airstream up in Ojai this New Year’s Eve. Rain is drumming on the roof, a shower that has been persistent all day long and will continue until midnight. We plan to watch movies tonight and have a low-key, restful evening. I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be.

I wish all of you well tonight. If you live in Southern CA, then drive carefully. We are not used to this much rain and the streets and freeways will undoubtedly be slick. I also read there will be many checkpoints for those folks who may decide to partake a bit too heavily at the New Year’s Eve parties. If that happens to be you, please consider letting your designated driver do what he/she is supposed to do, which is drive you home.

As for us, we’ll be here with the alpacas and the chickens, nestled in our shelter and enjoying this lovely rain.

Cordelia, our Welsh corgi, is out in the rain. Apparently, this feels like home to her. She just needs a few sheep to herd.

My best to you all.

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