Christmas Day at the Orange Grove

Ray and I gathered with our kids, their partners, and our grandkids today at the orange grove in Ojai. We were joined by Heather, an old friend of our family’s from Texas, and Ron’s mom who lives in Los Angeles. Everyone brought food so it was not too hard on any one person and we each had a Secret Santa and also exchanged While Elephant gifts. We have learned over time to limit the money we spend and the junk that we contribute to the landfill by working within an agreed-upon price for our Secret Santa and our White Elephant gifts. I am happy to report my Secret Santa was right on target with my gifts, which included a cozy pair of houseshoes and warm sweatpants. I also received other gifts, but to be perfectly honest, I will have to review all of those tomorrow. I’m a little tired from all the merrymaking today.

One of my favorite things that happened was that my grandson Nico came up to me and asked if I had any paper and colored pencils so he could draw. I suggested that he and his sisters go ahead and open my presents to them, which included, you guessed it, paper and colored pencils. Seeing the kids sitting at the table drawing made my heart sing.

Rachael and Andrew have already made it back home safely; Sarah, Gregorio, Heather, and the kids are en route back to South Pasadena right now. Ron’s mom is in a hotel in town and Liz, Ron, and Ethan are snug as three bugs in a rug in their little place here at the orange grove. Ray and I are cozy as well in our Airstream.

I have included a few photos of our day. I hope all of you had a lovely day, filled with whatever made you happy.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Luna, Liz, and Ron in front. Andrew and Gregorio in the back.

Rachael and Liz

Auntie Sarah and Ethan

Luna and Nico

Grandma Cindy and Ethan

Lyla, Heather, Rachael, Nico, and Me

Gregorio and Cindy

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  1. Judy Alter says:

    Looks like a lovely day. Hard for us in still-chilly Texas to imagine that shirtsleeve weather. Enjoy.

  2. Yes, I know it’s been inordinately cold there, Judy. Stay warm! We had 80-degree weather today. It was unusual but lovely for Christmas Day.

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