Rest in Peace, Helen Slayton-Hughes

Long-time St. Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood parishioner, Helen Slayton-Hughes, died today at the age of 92. She was a community theater and non-equity actress for forty years before moving to Tinsel Town at 70 to pursue her television and film career. Over the past 22 years, Helen has had several good runs on television series and some decent film time. Those of us at St. Thomas the Apostle will never forget her deep and resonant voice as she read the scriptures on Sundays and also for Christmas and Easter.

Helen had a quick wit as well as an infectious joie de vivre. I saw her just two weeks ago at church and she was bright-eyed, in good spirits, and cracking jokes.

May light perpetual shine upon you, Helen. You epitomized the art of aging with verve and grace. Your parish family at St. Thomas the Apostle will miss you.

I wish you godspeed on your new journey and will miss that twinkle in your blue eyes and throaty laugh. You lived life well.

Here are a few clips of Helen when she played Ethel Beavers on Parks and Recreation.

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  1. I am sorry for her passing. Thank you for sharing the film clip of her highlights in Parks and Rec. Made me laugh! And I will appreciate her even more now when I see reruns. Am trying to imagine her reading scripture in church after those comedy bits.

  2. Betty, I’m glad you enjoyed the clips. Helen’s voice was so deep and resonant that she sounded as if she was speaking from the source of wisdom itself. It was deeply moving to hear her read the scriptures. She brought her actor’s training to the reading and emphasized exactly the right words as she read.

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