Ojai Tonight

We are at the orange grove this evening and are listening to KUSC, which is the classical music station that broadcasts from the University of Southern California. The vaporizer is spouting out a column of white steam, which is needed since the humidity here was 10% when we arrived this afternoon. Now our handy-dandy humidity gauge says we’re at 51%, which is precisely where it should be for comfort. The inside temperature is 66 degrees F. and I have my fleece hooded sweatshirt zipped up and am wearing my jeans and heavy socks. I’m quite comfortable though it is 48 degrees outside, heading down to 39, and just before we go to bed we’ll turn off all the heat for the night. However, last time I was here, I put a nice down comforter on our bed, which should, along with the warmth of our two dogs, keep us pretty toasty tonight.

One of my favorite things about being here is that often at night we listen to the radio rather than watch a movie. (We don’t currently have a way to watch regular television here.) Sitting and listening to a wide range of classical music makes me happy. I can have it in the background while I’m reading or writing and it’s not long before I am scooting lower in my chair, putting my feet up on the couch opposite, and relaxing.

Another positive aspect of being in the orange grove is that our dogs are calm here. No running up to the windows and barking as people walk by. Cordelia and Frankie will alert us if people are near, but since we are 1/4 mile down a private road, traffic of any kind is basically non-existent. The dogs currently are curled up on the couch with their eyes half-closed. They appear to be enjoying Serenade for Strings in C Major Op. 48 by Tchaikovsky as much as I am.

Not having been here since the switch from Daylight Saving Time, I was shocked to see that sunset was at 4:50 pm and by 6 pm, the stars were ablaze in the night sky. Winter is edging closer by the day. I must admit I look forward to having those long evenings ahead. I think of winter as a time to slow down, get cozy, and re-group.

On that note, I will say good night. Wishing you all an enjoyable evening.

Stay safe if you plan to travel for Thanksgiving.

Talk again soon.

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