The Two Helen Leatherwoods

Helen Leatherwood

There are two of us in our family

I am a Junior of sorts

Though I don’t have Marie

as my middle name

The two Helen Leatherwoods

have a few things in common:

a love of literature

a deeply spiritual side

a passion for learning

a left-leaning political persuasion

a deep interest in helping others

a profound love of family

an ardent belief in human rights and equality

an openness to all people

a love of heartfelt conversation

a desire to travel

a love of laughter

My mother once told me that

nothing made her happier than

seeing her kids laughing together

I understand that completely and agree

She also told me something

that I now say to my own kids,

“I’d like you even if you weren’t my child.”

With that in mind, let me say,

“Helen Leatherwood, Senior

I would like you even if you were not my mother.”

Here’s to our happy memories together

Happy birthday, Mom

May light perpetual shine upon you

The two Helen Leatherwoods

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  1. Sarah Fine says:

    I enjoyed your tribute poem, Len. April 26th is my Dad’s birthday. I started to think about how we are alike. Thank you!

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