Easter Day & Two Kids’ Birthdays


we celebrated

a glorious Easter

Hooray and hallelujah

We also celebrated the birthdays of

my son-in-law Ron and

my daughter Rachael

Both dear members of our family

Hooray and hallelujah


I served as Subdeacon

at two Masses

Read the epistle and

administered the wine

at Holy Communion

I also watched my grandchildren

Search for Easter eggs

in the garden of the rectory


I gathered with my children

and grandchildren

at the home of my oldest daughter

We ate, laughed, and sang

Happy Birthday to

Auntie Rachael and Uncle Ron

Then hugged each other good-bye

And headed home

A glorious Easter Day

Filled with love, thankfulness, and joy

Shared with my church family and

My closest relatives

May all of us be filled

With the love, thankfulness, and joy

That comes with rekindled hope

The Lord has risen indeed

Hooray and hallelujah

Les, Father Davies, Len, and Randy
Luna, Lyla, and Nico
Ron and Rachael

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