My Valentine’s Gift: Season Five of Outlander

One of my current guilty pleasures is the Outlander series on Netflix based on the books by Diana Gabaldon. This is a story that I would not normally be drawn to since it involves time travel and lots of romance, but, in this case, I must confess, I’m hooked. The first couple of seasons of the series are based in Scotland in the mid-1700s (oh, and in Boston in the mid-1900s), and, having a grandfather who was a full-blood Scot, I have been intrigued. There is a lot of Scottish history in the series along with the full development of several Scottish characters. Seeing the many scenes of the Scottish Highlands and hearing the authentic brogue of the main character, James Fraser played by Scottish actor, Sam Heughan, has made me long to visit this country where my grandfather, Robert McLucky Waugh, was born and raised. I also like that the main female character, Claire Randall Fraser, played by the Irish actress Caitriona Balfe, serves as a British nurse in World War I and later a surgeon in her modern life, and also works as a skilled “healer” in the 1700s. She is head-strong, plain-speaking, and full of love for both her profession and her husband, Jamie. Oh, and, yes, there are a hefty number of love scenes between Claire and Jamie that raise the blood pressure a notch or two.

Ray and I have watched the four seasons that are currently offered on Netflix, but the fifth season is not yet available. For Valentine’s Day, Ray gave me a DVD of the fifth season, which I found quite touching since he knew that I’d really enjoyed this series. In exchange, I made him a chocolate pecan cake and gave him a big bottle of Vitabath Spring Green, a pine-scented bath gel that not only smells wonderful but also moisturizes your skin. A thoroughly satisfying gift exchange, if you ask me.

Below is a photo of my Valentine’s Day present. I am looking forward to breaking into Season Five soon. I also just read that Season Six will be released on March 6th. Hooray!

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