Variable Conditions

Heading back to LA tonight. My hands are chapped from working outside and also because of the dry air. After only a few days of exceptionally cold weather, the sky has been blue, the temperatures mild, and the wind blowing, which I love. That’s Texas weather in a nutshell. Long Johns and wool socks one day, shorts and no jacket two days later.

I remember one Christmas when I was a teenager. The weather was so warm on Christmas Day that I wore cut-off jeans to church. My mother was not pleased when she saw me walking up the aisle for Communion.

I read a few minutes ago that North Texas will be thirty degrees cooler tomorrow versus today. Forty-five versus seventy-five. The yo-yo continues.

Apparently, Texas is not the only spot with unpredictable weather. One of our daughters in LA texted today, “You’re returning to summer.” Southern California is currently experiencing a heatwave in February. Go figure.

I was sorry to leave our home in Texas and also happy to be returning to our home in Southern California. I guess I am capable of variable conditions as well.

Must go with the territory.

Wishing you all well, whether you’re hot, cold, or in-between. Also, wishing you happiness wherever you are.

I will be checking back tomorrow from a very warm Los Angeles.

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