26 Good Things that Happened in My Life in 2021

I am going to make a list in no particular order of good things that happened in 2021.

  1. I served my first term as president of Story Circle Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to women telling their stories.
  2. I worked with daughter Liz who is employed as the program director for SCN.
  3. I helped Rachael with several thought-provoking projects that she was working on for her Master’s degree in English LIterature from Loyola Marymount University here in LA.
  4. I spent time with my daughters, sons-in-law, and grandkids on several trips to Mexico and also on a week-long trip to Massachusetts in the summer to visit old friends.
  5. I returned to blogging daily.
  6. I spent a day at the Chicago Art Institute.
  7. I lost 10 pounds (which I have kept off) due to severe food poisoning.
  8. I visited an old friend who lives in the Chicago area.
  9. I finished my novel, for sure this time.
  10. I submitted my novel to a New York agent.
  11. My novel was rejected but I received some positive feedback from the agent, and I now have a plan I will be executing related to my novel.
  12. I taught several classes at SCN that were very satisfying.
  13. Several of my college essay students were accepted to their dream schools.
  14. I spent more time at home than I have in years and enjoyed it.
  15. I also spent quite a lot of time at the orange grove and enjoyed it immensely.
  16. I read several good books and watched several excellent series.
  17. Ray and I were able to spend time at our Texas home after 14 months away.
  18. I spent a lot of time outside this past year.
  19. I began organizing our house and garage in CA and also our building and barn in Texas
  20. I spent some quality time with our friends in Texas.
  21. I saw family in Austin.
  22. I rode on an Amtrak train back from Chicago to LA.
  23. I help coordinate (with Liz) ten webinars for SCN.
  24. I hosted the first ever SCN virtual day-long writing conference.
  25. I made lots of new friends at SCN.
  26. I didn’t get Covid and neither did any of my immediate family.

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