Covid Blues

Today, I hit a low spot. We had planned all week to return to church today so we could finally get back to “normal” and also be there for the annual parish meeting. But a few days back, Rachael started feeling bad, and then on this past Friday, it was confirmed that she had Covid. We saw her two days before her symptoms appeared, meaning that we were officially exposed during the incubation period. With that in mind, we decided that we better not go to church. After all this time away, it would be near impossible for us (okay, me) not to hug people, and, given our exposure, we might be active carriers. Plus, being around even more Omicron germs seemed unwise.

Ray and I discussed all of this and very logically arrived at that decision. “Yes, yes, better to be prudent right now. We are still in a major surge here in LA, after all. Absolutely, the right choice.” But logic is one thing, emotion is another. I attended Mass online and that definitely helped, but not getting to go – again – left me feeling pretty deflated. I finally admitted to Ray that I was disappointed and he said he felt the same way. Hearing that helped, too, and I have begun to feel better.

Before my birthday, Ray asked me what gifts I wanted. I told him the latest CDs of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, Rodney Crowell, and Jason Isbell. So, like the good husband he is, I now own all three of those CDs. Today, he showed me how to upload them to my computer (he has an external drive) and now I’m doing just that. (Yes, I know I’m late to the party on this, like pretty much all things technical.) So, I have already added those three CDs and now am adding other favorites on my computer. I want to actually listen to my new CDs so that is on the agenda for this afternoon as well. I expect my flat mood will lift once I hear the voices of these favorite singers and singer-songwriters.

This is all to say that the pandemic woes get pretty old sometimes and this whole situation can be tough. I look forward to the day when we all can simply move back into our routines (or the ones we decide are worthy of keeping) so life can regain a bit more normalcy. However, I am aware that, overall, my family has been spared the worst kind of pain that others have experienced or are currently enduring. Sarah’s family had a case of Omicron that seemed to last (going from one person to another) for the better part of three weeks. They are all on the mend now, however. Rachael isn’t well yet but is feeling better than she has. So, in comparison to some, our problems have been minor and more a matter of inconvenience.

But I do truly look forward to the day that we can go back to church and not worry about germs. Hopefully, that will be in the not-too-distant future.

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