A Few Examples of Flora at the Orange Grove

While it is down to 37 degrees at night this week, the temperature during the day here in Ojai has been a lovely 65. We are working here for several days so I’ve had the benefit of enjoying blue skies and the quiet and peacefulness that prevails at the orange grove. Today, I walked around the grove and took a few photos to share with you tonight. Being here gives both Ray and me the chance to breathe deep, relax our shoulders, and enjoy being outdoors. Though we have our trusty Airstream, during the day, we are mostly outside, working, walking, or just enjoying the day. Here are a few examples of the flora that abounds at the grove. I hope you enjoy them!

Gold Medal Roses
White Climbing Rose
Orange Blossoms, Green Oranges, and Ripe Oranges
Flowering Rosemary

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