Hot off the Press: Photos from Uzbekistan

My nephew Jim and his family are visiting friends in Uzbekistan. He just sent us some photos of what they saw today. Having never had a clue what life in Uzbekistan might look like, I thought I might share these photos just to give a glimpse of a country that many (I presume) have little idea about. So, here they are. Jim just sent them. It’s 9:30 am on Thursday there.

Kate Goodyear, I’m posting these with you especially in mind. Who knew you had a passion for Uzbekistan?!?

A mosque they visited yesterday
Another photo of the mosque (that column is 50 feet tall)
A Music Hall where they listened to Uzbekistan Pop
Jim wrote, “Markets and more markets, as far as you can see.”
Our Illustrious Travelers with “Christmas dalmatians and a rabbit at a crazy circus.”

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  1. Thomas Hayes says:

    Had no idea.Very cool.

    1. Me either! Glad to learn this new information. Thanks for commenting.

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