Five Ways of Looking at a Mistake


A mistake can be a screw-up, a SNAFU, a moment when something or someone is ignored, insulted, hurt by another person who didn’t do any of those actions intentionally.


A mistake can be an opportunity, a lucky break, a time when something or someone is given a reprieve, a second chance, a new start, an unexpected piece of information, or a set of circumstances that open up prospects of a whole new experience.


A mistake can be a blurt, a blip, an unguarded conversation when someone says what they actually feel and reveal something negative or hurtful, or else declare their love and adoration. Whatever the case, that relationship will shift forever.


A mistake can be a trip, a fall, a miscalculation, that sends someone flying in an unanticipated direction, tumbling or swirling into parts unknown with unexpected consequences, sometimes good, sometimes bad.


A mistake can be a moment of awakening, the cracking of a protective shell, a breaking open that reveals the soft, vulnerable insides of a tender human heart, an opportunity to reshape and re-emerge.

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