The Color of Growth

Growth is green, like leaves and stems

Growth is brown, like roots and limbs

Growth is pink, like dawn and dusk

Growth is orange, like brand new rust

Growth is purple, like irises in spring

Growth is ivory, like the moon’s hazy ring

Growth is blue, like the swirling, whirling sea

Growth is tangerine, like when you’re filled with glee

Growth is red, like a plump cherry pie

Growth is black, like the velvety night sky

Growth is amber, like wildflower honey

Growth is yellow, like a person who’s funny

Growth is turquoise, like a Navajo ring

Growth is magenta, like a deep need to sing

Growth is silver, like my mother’s short hair

Growth is apricot, like when someone cares

Growth is golden, like the need to be free

Growth is multi-hued, just like you and me

Purple Iris in Spring

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